China’s huge quarantine camps standing months after ‘zero COVID’

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Hong Kong scraps COVID-19 mask mandate after almost 1,000 days

Hong Kong will scrap its mask mandate on March 1, Chief Executive John Lee has announced,…

WHO to ‘push until we get the answer’ on COVID origins

Published On 15 Feb 202315 Feb 2023 facebooktwitterwhatsapp

Chinese retirees take to streets over plan to cut health benefits

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China to reopen borders with Hong Kong, Macau after COVID closure

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Five-day COVID-19 lockdown imposed in Pyongyang

North Korea has ordered a five-day lockdown of the capital Pyongyang amid rising cases of an…

China says COVID outbreak has infected 80 percent of population

Published On 22 Jan 202322 Jan 2023 facebooktwitterwhatsapp

Is bias, not science, behind COVID-19 curbs on China travellers?

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Lunar New Year dilemma for China’s post ‘zero-COVID’ travellers

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‘Best thing that happened’: Chinese return home after years apart

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